Thursday, October 22, 2009


Classes are cancelled due to the electricity today..
As informed, 8am to 8pm..

Ahak! Who knows!
The electricity only gone for around 1 or 2 hours..
Goyang kaki goyang, tidur balik~ XD

Have many things to tell but I have no idea in how to voice out..
Can I draw? Haha..

Hmm... I got to learn and gain many experiences after breaking up with him..
I think it should be a part of my life..
I would like to be more rasional..

See and judge things very rasionally..
A 'yes' and a 'no' shall be clearly shown in my mind when I need to do some decision..
I would like to lead myself to a brighter future..

Yo people, who am I?
Jessie wor!


Tun Hussein Onn National Eye(s) Hospital.

I tak nak operation oi!!

The doctor said I have to go for operation if my eyes are still like this by next Wednesday..
He gave me some medicine to apply and eat..
I don't want operation wey~!!
Stupid eyes, cure faster la!!



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My eyes..

I went to WC, n looked into the mirror....
Guess what I saw!!!

I saw a goldfish version gurl!!!!!


Today is the 10th day ad!!!
Am going to Hospital Tun Hussein Onn later for eye specialist..
Yirui is bringing me going.

Thanks to her, LOTS!!!

I wonder what's wrong with my eyes..
My right eye was itchy, then from itchy upgraded to pain.
The next day I woke up, it helped me to look like a goldfish!

2 days after, I decided to sleep earlier.
N, it became normal again, but with both eyes suffered from pain.
On the 4th day, pandai punya Jessieni finally went for doctor.
(She was afraid of becoming an ugly betty more than the pain.)

Who knows the next day, the left eye started to upgrade.
Then here comes the 6th day,
the day my mum, my brother and my sister came to visit me.
Once my brother reached, the first sentence from his mouth was,
"我需要偷看的咩?"I answered..

Then he looked at my eyes, observed..
He pointed at my left eye and said, "Yer~"

What the?!?!

My eyes were keeping in the same situation till after the choir concert day..
After I performed and reached after yumcha in Nelly,
my right eye started to pain, again..
There I wrote 'From the > to the < , from the <>'

I can even feel like there's needle poking my right eye!
Sakit tau?!
I can't even bend down to take something,
give it stress.
Sakit jugak!!


P/S: I donno y but i cant upload photos.. Hv lotsa photos 2 share.. >.<"v

Monday, October 19, 2009

From the right to the left, from the left to the right..

What's wrong with my eyes wey?!
I think I need to see a doctor, AGAIN!!!
This is so sick!!
From the right to the left, now back to the right one!
This is VERY PAINFUL!!!!
Argh~!! =(

Am lying on my bed, with my tv switched on, msn unsigned-in.
Something's wrong...
I don't feel right, again..
I miss him..

If anyone out there asks,
"Do you still love him?"
No doubt, I will answer in the very next second,
"I do, I really do. But I will try my best to let him go."

He's Yeo Kwan Sin, the man I love the most other than my dad..
We've been together for only six months..
But yet, the memories make me sick.
Broke up for six months,
I've been sad for six months too..
He has a new girlfriend now..
This seven sentences are enough to make me cry like a baby..
Am not dare to write more.
Will write more when I'm fully healed..

"What can I do to make you love me?
What can I do to make you care~?"

Yes, he doesn't care about me anymore..
He used to....
This hurts!!!!

Someone to light me up?
Someone to bring me back to the Jessie I used to be?
I don't wanna be like this anymore,

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Jessie here finally owns a REAL blog. =.="V

It feels kinda weird,
like I'm typing alone and no one's listening,
no one's giving me response and all..

Well erm..
My princess is sitting next to me now,
my queen is having her shower time,
n my prince is somewhere in this castle..

Too bad, the king isn't here..
I miss all of them..
My family... Far away from me.. Johor~~

Refuse to go back, I don't feel like going back ANYMORE~!!
It sounds bad but, yeah..

I HATE people that don't know who am I and make sound of it.
They don't even know about me!

Introduction to "Jessiation".

Am a girl, erm.. lady? erm.. anything..
I used to be a happy-go-lucky gurl..
It's gonna be a long story that I'm going to tell,
that says why Jessie, me, turned to a girl, shall I say 'like this'?

Nahh.. I'll save it for now, continue later.
Gotta go, heading to pyramid!
Ciaoz~ =)