Thursday, June 17, 2010

What I'm doing now.

Doing slides for presentation of Kenya and Tanzania movie, it is a re-do. =(
I hope I can get enough data, information for it? Listening to 'Do you remember' now.. =)
For your information, Kenya and Tanzania are countries in East Africa.
Wondering why the lecturer asked us to do about this topic..
Fever of FIFA World Cup in South Africa? XD

What a bad day!!

Slept about 4am last night, woke up at 6.30am~ PISS!
Exam was at 8.30am, got to get up early, just to get a nice parking. WT?
There I banged my bed frame with my TINY leg, it gone bengkak, oh cheh~! ='(
AND, right when I was reversing my car, I didn't know where on earth there were cones! i banged, yes, 2nd bang, again, today.
There I went for exam, well, it was fine, no problem! =)
3rd incident, I went to get my car just to go home, I banged (3rd bang!!!!!) with the so called stair case!! =_________________=||||
So F-ing bad luck! =( =(
Okay, at least am back at home now, blogging, i should be grateful! =) =)
Waiting for Hui Ern to come my place and brief me about accountings!
Hitting some songs now with my new bought speakers..
Here starts my day, and I believe no more bad luck!!!
=) =) =)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


A lil time here perhaps?


Being a little too stress of studies:

"Am I?"

There is no longer a motive for me to attend classes, but I really hope it will change soon.. Failed my world music paper.. This is gonna be the last semester I will ever sit for world music. ARGH!!! I hope everything will be just fine this semester. ATTEND CLASSES JESSIE T! World Music at 2pm later, presentation on board. Major at 5 pm later.. >.<" Am having mid-term now! Malaysian Studies on Thursday, Accounting Practice on Saturday~ Continue on next week!
*I really do pray hard for this semester, BO PI everything SOON SOON LEE LEE!!*

It's Father's Day on Sunday, but I'm not going home! I need to print a photo of my dad out and get my ass off to my work and sent it out before Sunday reaches! HOW ON EARTH AM I GONNA MAKE IT ON TIME! I need to study now in order to make this works! I hung up my mum's call the other day and I still feel guilty now. =( My brother said he might come to KL this end of month, will it be real? Hmm~ My 38 sister went to Malacca a couple of times during her holidays. =)

Hmm... JessieT has no much comment for this as everything's just on the very right track. I've got lotsa videos and photos about this baby to post! He forced me to define him as husband or hubby when I need to tell people about him. LOL! Well, we have arguments recently. Just something about opinions... Different thinking, different reaction. Sigh? Didn't think so. No harm.

My cousin, Doo is coming to KL this Thursday and she's gonna stay with me for just one night, then she'll go back to Segamat.. (Oh? Shall I just pass her the pressie I get and make for my dad instead of sending the gift home?) -What a brilliant me... X)

Activities coming up~
Tomorrow, Hui Ern is gonna brief me uup about account, and I will just gone sitting for paper just like that! So, HUI ERN, JI YI SAI LEI LA! XD Am hitting Maison again this Saturday.. But this time, it's a suggestion from W.. We're going with his friends.. Minimum of 6 bottles to get VIP tables.. Huhuhu~ Hmm, SHOPPING? But I have no KaKi's.. Argh~ (someone just came across my mind, but it will never be true! It's ridiculous anyhow.)

Hmm, just recovered from sick, not exactly, still having flu and cough. Well, there was limited blood coming out with my snivel.. Hmm~ And constipation is still not solved.. W keeps asking me to go for body check, that's what I want to.. Any sickness, 'sapolangcang', everything come out on a paper, senang macam ABC. lol~

No $ No talk, No honey~ =)
Many things to get into my wardrobe.... Too bad~ =(
Salon(per time)=$$ ;
Facial(per time)=$$ ;
Travel(in M'sia)=$$$$$$$$$$ ;
Sick(just once, to clinic)=$$ ;
Outings(roughly just once)=$$ ;
Food(per month)=$$$$$$$ ;
Cosmetics(per time)=$$$$$$$ ;
Checkups(per time)=$$$$$$ ;
Clothes(limited shop)=$$$$$$$ ;
Handbag(each)=$$$$$$$ ;
Heels(each)=$$$$ ;
Petrol(once)=$ *3/4 ;
Phone(My K850i KO, I want iPhone 4)=$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ;
Friends' Birthday(each)=$ ;
W's Birthday(although Nov)=$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$(or more) ;
Parking Fees(per month)=$$ ;
Textbooks or Music's(one-time buying)=$$$$$$(or more) ;


How rich should I be in order to get all the stuff I want?!

Get them one by one!
Arrange them in top list thingy or most wanted list! Hahass.. =)

(By the way, I counted. 136$'s up there.. Well, (or more)) X)

Let me Zzz for a while and wake up for class later. =)
Will spend more time on blog. =)