Monday, August 16, 2010

Close to you~

Still my favourite song so far~ <3<3<3
Relaxing, calming, SWEET =)

Well err, another fav song lately, pyramid. =)

Argh~ World Music's on Tuesday~ How on earth am I gonna pass it?? It's so HARD! =(
Gypsy is so Arabic feel!! Owh.. =(

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My First Photoshoot.

Album Name : Outdoor

Venue : Cyberjaya

Date : 17th July, 2010

Photographer : Randy

Model : Evonne, TingTing, Jessie

It was freaking hot there.. The green grass.. ANTS!! The biggest enemy!! Owh.. =( I woke up at hmm.. 6am? I wasn't really happy that day because I was like 'calefay'~ And I actually went for a birthday celebration party the night before.. Hmm.. What else to share? Oh ya, Ting Ting is my housemate and this Evonne is my new friend!! =) =) Love to meet new friends!! <3

Blog Blog Blog

Am at Hui Ern's place now using her lappy to get myself online..
Facebook, Blog..
I've got lots to share but my blog has been left out a lot and I don't know where to start again.

Hmm... Let's talk about my boy....
He's so fragile that I can't even talk to him rudely..
Well, he's cute for certain ways, he's totally like a 6-year-old or even smaller kid who's damn tall and thin which only can be seen by moi.
I don't like him to drink, he gets mad easily so.
Another serious case, I can't stand is silentness and I can't guess what's in his mind, well yes, I know that's how he behaves.
He will not hurt be by words, but he always hurt me by movements.
When he's mad, he could just pull me up from the bed, pull the blanket away from me and left me like that.
What the hell?
But still, he cries everytime after he's mad..
I only hope he can tell everything, voice out baby!!!!
I can't stand if this is gonna be forever.
But anyway, I know he loves me:
Everything he does he thinks about me. =)

(A lot more to share, maybe some other time?)

Am having Accounting Practice paper tomorrow at 2.30pm and this is why I ended up in Ern's place.
I ate a lot today!! KFC, McDonald's and Home Cook Food!! All because of her!! LOL
No longer nice in photos.
I really have to slim myself down, NO OTHER WAY!!

17th, am having World Music paper, which I feel is the hardest part!! =( =(
Listening, essay, mcq, short answers.. ARGH!!! Getting mad!
Gotta start right after my paper tomorrow! =)

Oh ya, there will be some photos that I would like to share for my modeling life. =)
Will post it to my next post. =) =)

Lots more to share people! Catch me!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dreams coming true..

Had done 3 photoshoots so far~ =)
The only thing I'm worrying about is studies.. My World Music.. Sigh..
Gotta be real serious next sem!! Hope I can pass everything this sem. Please. =(