Monday, September 3, 2012

After 8 months?

A random post after 8 months. I wonder how things have changed. Breaking up with W? Is it a big thing? Hmm. Whatever. :p
Well I think changing studio is kinda big. I hope this will be a better semester? :)

So I woke up at 1000, prepared to go for the Analysis class at 1130..

Saw the pink class cancellation thingy at the notice board at 1125. Dr. Jeff's not in for the first three days! And so I went to check on timetable of Intro to Public Speaking. Oh yeah. The classes clash with all my Music History classes!! It's easier for me now knowing which subjects to drop. :p

Checked at the music instrument applied board. There was nothing there. Doing classical vocal for the very first time. Required Ms. Ho or Ms. Rachel. I wonder who I'll get? :p

I'm listening to "somewhere in time" now. I really love music don't I? Or maybe I love listening to music? :p

AH!!!! My major!! Wonder who's teaching me in the coming semesters. Guess I'll pay music office a visit later today. Or maybe I shall only go tomorrow? :p

I'm kinda glad that I didn't wake up for Innovation Workshop class even though I'm dropping that subject. I'm thinking to add Italian Diction though. Yeah. I'm doing it. 

Contacted Ms. Sara, asked when shall I start doing my contemporary vocal again. So I guess I'm going to see her tomorrow for an hour class and she said I'll do the rest of the 3 hours at her place. "u can visit my place and we do piano and vocal and crash in like 6 songs. haha. drill u till super pro in the 6 songs play and sing" "challenge accepted" :p

Hmm. I'll pay AmberChia Academy a visit too. Mom and dad agree to let me enroll with this field. Surprisingly.

Owh. The music changed to "boston". =) "you don't know me, you don't even care~~"

Hell I wanna be somebody one day and I will definitely be!!

Trust yourself. I can do it. =)


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Waking up at 4am

And I'm now listening to love songs, sneezing and rubbing as my nose is falling.
Had the most stupid nightmare ever! Spiders?? Tissues?? Oh Me GAWT!

Started to worry about my pieces. Darn. I feel like going to campus now, to learn, to practice. =S

how i wish i can get back to sleep. x

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Tehee! W got to my place and bought me these!!
He knows I like Christmas more than CNY. =)

The first photo was taken by him and the second was taken by me!!
Tell you people, I haven't get showered since I reached KL. oops!
Time to get some bubbles on my body!
Merry Christmas everyone, have a joyful one!

Thursday, December 22, 2011



我的facebook显示着 美女的照片
男孩盯着她们的照片 口水流落了
美食成在我面前 色香味俱全
那不争气的肚子打鼓 终于忍不住

肚子响了饿了 身材面临选择
我再也不能 tahan了
一开始的毅力呢 我买的营养餐呢

怎么了 又饿了 说好的 减肥呢
不说了 心淡了 离成功 遥远了

不然算了 不管了 美丽的身材呢 就罢了 先吃了 再不吃 就冷了
只是梦里面的身材无法实现 该怎么办呢

梦里面 长秀发 瓜子脸 小蛮腰
现实中 头发燥 叮当脸 水桶腰 萝卜般大腿
帅哥走了 看见我 吓到了
心碎了 伤心了 放弃了 又吃了
最终梦里面的身材无法实现 做老姑婆了


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

and i'm with my secondary blue st. john t!

"Don't wait for the future like you would for a train. Pave the way!"

Just another day

I woke up at 1pm today?
or slightly later?

So I took a shower...
and this is basically my look of the day..

First thing I did was paying a visit to Dr. Chua's clinic..
It's closed!!! Opening at 1st of January, 2012!
Oh my..
I wanted to ask for a letter from him,
so that I can just go to specialist in Damansara!

Wuwuwu. sob..
Then I came home,
waited for my mom and I went to boutique! =)

Look what I've got

I think this is cool man!

I think this is just nice with a long or short jeans and boots?
with my hair all tied up and a ribbon?
quite cute right?
the reason why i bought this is because it's big enough to cover my tummy.

Love this long dress!!

Something for W, I'm not sure if they fit him well. =)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Back from Boon Yew's wedding. =)

And the prince and the princess lived happily forever after. =)

Kai Shian looks exactly like a cat~~!


She looks just nice. adorable. 跟她在一起我hold不住。哈哈!!

Me and my cute cousin. She's really cute. =)




He finally had some time for a picture with us. =)

How sweet! Lovely~~


The girl next door. =)



We're so so so 38! hahaha! hohoho.. oops! =X

So these were taken at the wedding. I met lotsa friends there and I was so excited!! Most of them are from Li Chi primary and Dato' secondary!! I miss yall friends!!! and I always will.

lots of love.