Monday, September 3, 2012

After 8 months?

A random post after 8 months. I wonder how things have changed. Breaking up with W? Is it a big thing? Hmm. Whatever. :p
Well I think changing studio is kinda big. I hope this will be a better semester? :)

So I woke up at 1000, prepared to go for the Analysis class at 1130..

Saw the pink class cancellation thingy at the notice board at 1125. Dr. Jeff's not in for the first three days! And so I went to check on timetable of Intro to Public Speaking. Oh yeah. The classes clash with all my Music History classes!! It's easier for me now knowing which subjects to drop. :p

Checked at the music instrument applied board. There was nothing there. Doing classical vocal for the very first time. Required Ms. Ho or Ms. Rachel. I wonder who I'll get? :p

I'm listening to "somewhere in time" now. I really love music don't I? Or maybe I love listening to music? :p

AH!!!! My major!! Wonder who's teaching me in the coming semesters. Guess I'll pay music office a visit later today. Or maybe I shall only go tomorrow? :p

I'm kinda glad that I didn't wake up for Innovation Workshop class even though I'm dropping that subject. I'm thinking to add Italian Diction though. Yeah. I'm doing it. 

Contacted Ms. Sara, asked when shall I start doing my contemporary vocal again. So I guess I'm going to see her tomorrow for an hour class and she said I'll do the rest of the 3 hours at her place. "u can visit my place and we do piano and vocal and crash in like 6 songs. haha. drill u till super pro in the 6 songs play and sing" "challenge accepted" :p

Hmm. I'll pay AmberChia Academy a visit too. Mom and dad agree to let me enroll with this field. Surprisingly.

Owh. The music changed to "boston". =) "you don't know me, you don't even care~~"

Hell I wanna be somebody one day and I will definitely be!!

Trust yourself. I can do it. =)