Friday, March 18, 2011

A day of mine.

Walked home from uni, met Hannah halfway, she was heading to her MBE. =)

There I kept walking.........................................~~~~~~~~~

Eh, I saw two policemen over there, at the polis bergerak booth!....
Without stopping and delaying, I walked and passed by, saying 'ello'..
They looked at me like I'm some kinda freak.. MUAHAHAHA!!!

Oh, I was talking about 'freak'..
Just realized that UCSI actually got lotsa awesome shit.
We've got lotsa cool, cute and FUNNY FREAKS around!!!
Concert Practice today, some performances really made my time.
Enjoyed. *weeee*

Back to the topic, I kept walking, there was this random guy (of course I don't know who he was, that's why I said random) calling, " Miss... Miss"
I turned around, he handed me a manuscript paper which I folded it into a quarter shape, which I used it as draft for theory!! GOD!
I must dropped it out from my file~~~
(Maybe I was too happy walking home. HAHAZZ)

Walking my way home......
GUESS WHAT?! I saw a dog. Some kinda smart dog (Well I don't think it really is, cos I can't mention about its breed, but it looked smart for me.), at the guard house, there I walked closer as I need to pass by!!!
The guard asked when I was still kinda far, walking towards,
"Ah moi, sudah makan belum?"
And I answered, "Dah, pukul sepuluh tadi." XD xD
There I continued walking.
(Something fake scared me, but its size was giant.)
And I'm home!!
Hey you know what? Sometimes it's not that bad walking home! =)

Feeling so god damn sleepy, this is also the reason why I chose to walk home without waiting for DANAI.. =) =)

*I found out this post is having the tendency to all the bad words, but I'm just feeling a little excited, cos it's my weekends!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!! Gotta busy for half day tomorrow and I'm free~ Time to rest!!!! =) =) =) =)